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Being verified on Instagram increases your brand's credibility. Considering less than 1% of accounts are verified, having the blue badge and check by your profile name signifies your brand is both important and relevant.

Higher Trustworthiness
Increased Brand Awareness
Early Access to Special Features

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Verification FAQ's

See below for our most asked questions about getting verified. Have another question? Visit our FAQ page.

How much does this cost

Verification costs are based on a variety of factors. Please complete the form above so we can audit your account and let you know the cost!

What happens if I don't get verified?

You may require additional PR and support. We will not charge for additional PR or resubmission.

Do you need to give admin access or passwords?

No, we don’t need admin access.

Which websites are you using for press?

We have a list of 30-40 websites. The press will be done on any of those. That mix will be decided by us, based on current Instagram requirements.

Can I approve the content of the articles?

Articles can be sent for approval. We will need the approval in 24-48 hours. If we don’t need approval, the process is quicker.

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