Proving the value of social media

the client

The Hustle is a business and tech newsletter read by over 1 million people per day with a goal to build one of the fastest growing, most impactful information companies in the world.

the opportunity

Though the team at The Hustle understood the power of social media, their focus was on creating great content delivered via email each day while developing their premium research arm, Trends. They didn't have the time or the experience needed to make the most of their social channels and were looking for and expert to take the reins and grow their multiple social channels.

the solution

Using our objective-first approach, we developed an end-to-end social media solution that included Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin.  Once approved by the team, we put the wheels in motion.

the result

In 6 Months:

  • Instagram grew by over 70,000 followers
  • Facebook grew over 20,000 followers
  • Twitter grew over 10,000 followers
  • Linkedin grew over 5,000 followers
  • YouTube grew over 5,000 subscribers
  • Organic website traffic increased
  • Organic sign ups for the newsletter increased
  • Organic paid subscriptions to premium product increased

Working with the Hustle required us to move quickly and nimbly. Each day our team would receive The Hustle daily newsletter and we'd get to work chopping up the information into easily-digestible creative content to post on the appropriate platforms. Through a mix of compelling content, giveaways and partnerships, we were able to build a highly-engaged community which contributed to The Hustle being acquired by HubSpot.

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